Hands-on Workshops

Workshops are held in this outdoor classroom, in the finished indoor classroom/garage, in the kitchen, in the hoop houses or garden, or on the back patio. I (Kelly) taught in the CA community college system for 25 years. Open Source Ag offers a small group, collaborative learning environment to explore, meet friends, and consider maker ideas related to food, home, and farm.

Workshops are free to attend; sometimes, there are minor supplies to be brought or purchased. See this link for a list of workshops, and we ask you to RSVP for planning and maintaining a small group size. A couple of weeks before we meet, I will send you a list detailing our workshop. If you find you will not attend a workshop you sent an RSVP in for, please email Kelly@OpenSource.ag with a quick note.

Those who know me have a good sense of the ‘why’ of these workshops. I like to make things. I’m the 4-H and FFA kid, the woman with more boxes of fabric, seeds, and crafts than is logical. I wrote a few technology books and created numerous products or inventions you’ve not heard of. I’m a quirky good friend. In July 2022, I retired from West Hills Community College District, where I worked with great people. Before that, I worked for 20 years at West Valley College in Saratoga, CA, again with amazing colleagues.

As a girl, I lived a few miles from Open Source Ag, at the corner of Estrella and Airport Roads, where you now see the River Star Winery. Before that I lived in San Jose and spent a lot of time with family in Eureka.

We will spend one weekend a month in workshops, and I’m hoping that local friends will lend a hand and hang out with me in the garden as time allows.

Open Source Ag is a grow-to-donate farm and learning center. Our approach, as a nonprofit, is not to talk deficit model – about everything wrong with the food system and the environment. Instead, we will explore, learn, share, and celebrate each other and the magic of growing, making, and serving our communities together.

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