Open Source Ag logo with an illustration of red, brown, yellow, and green seeds in the air and a semi circle of slices under of the same color.

Mission, Vision, Values

Mission:  To grow a prosperous and healthy community connecting food, fun, and farming.

Vision:  A participatory network of open-source local grow-to-donate food systems to reconnect people with the joy of growing, preparing, and sharing good food.


Who we are:

  • Open and social
  • Ethical and caring
  • Playful and participatory
  • Caretakers and stewards

What guides us:

  • Embedding people as participants in secure and resilient local food systems
  • Propagating inter-generational and trans-cultural connections between people, food, and farming
  • Cultivating deep connections between food and community wellbeing
  • Nurturing healthy relationships with food, the natural world and with each other
  • Feeding better life chances for everyone
  • Supporting the environment, water, soil and food health using organic methods (respecting a balance with nature).